About Us

Who are ASA?

Our Values

ASA has built a strong company with solid reputation based upon the company values of professionalism with a personal touch, respect for our customers and community, efficiency and responsiveness. Australian Staffing Agency believes in reliability, honesty and exceeding expectations. We look for nurture and develop these core values in all of our staff.

How we started

ASA started as pioneers in the direct mail industry. Established in 1998, we bring 18 years experience to our work. As an industry expert we earned a strong reputation in this market, which we continue to build upon today. During our first decade, we built such a reputation that all of our customers were referred to us by word of mouth and our hiring came from internal recommendations.

ASA is a member of AIG (Australian Industry Group), and has been a member of RCSA (Recruitment and Consulting Services Association) since 2000. In 2004, ASA received the Australian Achiever Highly Recommended Award for Excellence in Customer Service, the only year we participated in the survey.

Today at ASA

Since our beginnings in 1998, the Australian Staffing Agency has grown in the spirit of providing professional services with a personal touch and exceeding the expectations of our customers. ASA provides quality labour solutions across a number of industry sectors including Industrial and Commercial recruitment, and focus on helping our customers meet their staffing needs.

ASA provides training and on-the-job mentoring for all our staff to instil our values, and help exceed our customers expectations in the work that they do.