The Power of Flexitime: Lessons We Learned from COVID-19

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When it comes to tackling “business as usual’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is for certain: nothing falls into the category of being “the usual” anymore.

The COVID-19 pandemic
Companies worldwide have been pushed to the limit in a bid to stay innovative (and in some cases, to stay afloat) in light of the mounting pressures brought on by global uncertainty.

Businesses have managed this through restructuring their finances as well as their workforce in a bid to better accommodate their long-term needs and aspirations. These methods have proved advantageous.

One particular trend we noticed amongst established businesses was the opportunity for employees to work remotely in order to socially distance themselves. 88% of businesses that could facilitate this, currently offer this option to staff. With this becoming the new norm, here are some things that we’ve noticed have also worked well.

More flexibility, better work
Not only has remote working kept employees safe but the increased flexibility has also provided them with more opportunities to accomplish their work on their terms. This freedom has allowed staff to manage their workloads accordingly and has improved productivity on their terms. In fact, 74% of companies plan to permanently move towards a fully remote work option post-COVID.

Full SaaS support
Part of this success is also due the availability of reliable SaaS platforms such as Zoom, Asana, Slack, timekeeping and payroll saviours like HourStack, which have facilitated productivity, all the while helping businesses stay connected and supported despite the geographical distance among staff.

It is also important to note that businesses that experience technical difficulties with platforms tended to notice a decrease in productivity where certain SaaS programs proved unreliable. In fact, a study showed that 42% of workers complained of poor experiences which hindered their work capabilities. With this in mind, companies would better support and serve their employees well by investing in reliable and well-reviewed programs that are as dependable as they are useful.

The option labour hire
With the pandemic reshaping the way companies do business, another option available to enterprises would be to opt for labour hire when running their daily operations. If more people are effectively – and willingly – working from home, why not consider a labour hire option for the unique jobs needed to be completed? This is a promising option, rather than having a permanent team that won’t offer you the flexibility you need in this current climate of uncertainty. Not only will you be able to source the right talent for your specific needs but you’ll have the flexibility to approach a variety of talent for short term contracts based on your needs, helping business owners save financially.

Find out more about the right staffing solution for you
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