Job Interview Tips

Interviewing for a new role is a scary process. But with the right guidance and preparation, you’ll be on the right path toward attaining the role you’re striving for. Take a look here with us to get a few tips and plenty of insight into what you can do to set yourself up for success in your job hunt.

Plan and prepare

Many candidates have a tendency to walk into interviews under prepared. If you’re going through an agency like ASA, the first interview will be with one of the agency’s staff, and if you’re suitable for the role, you’ll likely get a lot of help preparing to interview with the company. However, if you’re going it alone, we recommend that you take your time to really research the role you’re applying for. This includes looking into the company you’re applying to and running yourself through why you believe the job is a good fit. You’re almost certainly going to encounter questions about your work history, but you’ll also likely get a chance to expand on why that experience has set you up for success in the role you’re applying for. Doing your research and thinking things through ahead of time will give you a few points to work with when you get questions like these.

Your interview starts well before you meet

COVID-19 might have shaken everything up a bit – but this tip is still entirely relevant, locked down or not. If your interview is taking place in-person, your interview starts the minute you leave the house. If your interview is taking place online, you’ll ideally see yourself as starting your interview the moment you start getting ready. What this does is help you avoid the shock of opening a video chat window, or walking into an interview room, and getting caught like a deer in headlights. It’ll help you nail that first impression and jump straight past all the major stumbling blocks that can derail an interview before it’s really started. We’ve also heard a number of horror stories of stressed out applicants being rude to someone in the lift, only to realise that they’re the one interviewing them for the position. We’re not saying that’s you, but there’s an important lesson in there about making sure you’re doing the right things from the outset.

Control the controllable

This one is a little more general, but it’s a great reminder from time to time. A great deal of stress can be avoided if we just focus on what we can control. And what this means when you’re on the job hunt is working hard, but also not attaching yourself to a result. Controlling the controllable means focusing on your process, not on the things that are simply out of your hands. The reason we get out there on the job hunt is that we either want or need another job. We can do the groundwork, prepare ourselves as best we can, and do everything right – but ultimately the result is still in the hands of a hiring manager. None of this is good or bad, it’s just the way it is. As long as you’re staying engaged, learning what you can, and applying, you’re doing everything in your power – and the results you want will flow from that. When you stay process orientated, instead of fixating on the end result, you’ll come across better in interviews, appear engaged and thoughtful, and save yourself having to battle nerves at every turn just to say your piece. So, avoid getting out in front of yourself, and look to only focus on the things you can control.

Making the right impression counts

Next time you come across something new, pay attention to how you judge it. We all naturally make our own assessment of new people when we meet for the first time, and interviews are a pretty strong example of everything that goes with that. Don’t pay attention to any of the numbers you’ll see thrown around. Most of them are horribly misinterpreted figures used to prop up a poorly made point. But the underlying message still has plenty of truth to it. You need to consider your first impressions – and there’s plenty that goes into that. But realistically, there are only a handful of things you need to consider closely:
  1. Your grooming and choice of clothing.
  2. How you greet and engage with your interviewers.
  3. How clearly you communicate.
Key to it all is just to be a version of yourself. Hiring managers are looking for the person behind the candidacy and letting them see that is a great way to build a solid first impression.

Leave them with something to remember

This final point could be phrased a whole number of ways, but it’s all about giving your interviewers something to hang on to. Usually, a well-rounded opinion will be backed by a couple key points that are easy to understand and communicate. Giving your interviewers something to remember means distilling these points down and presenting them in a way that will make it easy for them to become your advocate. One great way to think about it is the idea of ‘staying on message’. The preparation you did before you got to the interview means you’ll have some idea of what you want to say. It’s just a matter now of stating those points nice and clearly – and leaving the interviewer with the key points they need to make their own decision about your future with their company.

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Job hunting can be an emotionally taxing experience. But keeping an eye on the broader scheme of things is a sure-fire way to set yourself up for a successful campaign. Just remember to focus on what you can control, and work to build your confidence by preparing and staying process orientated. For guidance on your job hunt, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Australian Staffing Agency. Our team has decades of experience between them over a range of industries, and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction. For a list of current vacancies, take a look here. For everything else, reach out today by calling 03 9313 7400, or fill out a contact form.