Placard Case Study

Placard has being using ASA Staffing since 2006 and we have found that by utilising the availability of their staff, we can be more flexible with our staffing requirements and this helps us to meet our customer’s fulfillment requirements. With our spikes in the retail sector, we are able to train the staff coming via ASA’s personal and have them available through our busy periods. ASA have provided Placard with the staff we require and organise these staff in a timely fashion to enable us to schedule in the required work and deliver “On Time”.

ASA provide us with staff who are ready and willing to work, they are fast and active in meeting our requirements and provide fast and effective feedback to all our requests.

I would highly recommend ASA to any business looking to fill in the gaps that full time staff can’t provide and take advantage of a company that will firstly understand your business needs and then ensure that the staff they provide are going to be of value.

Michael Scott, Production Manager – Placard PTY LTD