N.A.W Controls Pty Ltd Case Study

N.A.W Controls Pty Ltd have been associated with ASA for approximately 5 years.

We had never used casual Staff in our Business before, but once we did, it was one of the best decisions we have made.

The Staff at ASA have been very easy to deal with, and are always interested in feedback of their Staff and performance.

 An easy booking service and great communication are the key.

 We book causal Staff to assist in our Warehouse.

 Their main task is to unload Shipping Containers.

 This frees up our own Staff to continue with their daily duties, and it means the Container, both 20 and 40 Foot , are unpacked quicker and therefore collected quicker giving us our working space back without causing too much disruption in our Warehouse.

 We would not hesitate to recommend ASA to our Customers, as a cost effective solution to help with their needs.

Tracey Pascoe, Accounts Manager N.A.W Controls Pty Ltd