IVE Group Case Study

IVE Group’s – Data Driven Communications Division drives customer data to provide deep customer insights and expert technology services.

We create, produce and deliver promotional and essential communications across every channel. From an emailed statement or a notification via SMS, to a personalised promotion or loyalty program delivered in the mail – we deploy every touchpoint at the right time, via the right channels, to the right customers.

With our multi-site production and distribution network spanning Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we are able to deploy data-driven communications with unmatched speed to market. This also ensures our clients’ valuable data isn’t sent to multiple third party suppliers to complete jobs, where it can be exposed to data mismanagement and security breaches.

When it comes to deploying essential and promotional communications through our production Faculty in Melbourne. ASA have always been there to assist during those peak times and sensitive projects. With a large pool of trained staff, specifically in our industry, they are unmatched.

I have been using Australian Staffing Agency for the past 20 yrs.’, and ASA have been the only constant in a very competitive employment Agency Market.  Many have tried and all have failed where ASA has always excelled and exceeded my expectations. Their ability to match staffing requirements to a role and deliver speedily is unparalleled.  My gratitude goes out to Nadir and his team, Elise and Trina for their continuing support and amazing work.

Justin Petrak, Head of Operations, Data Driven Communications Victoria.