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Article by Elise Moana  – Recruitment Consultant“It is the working man who is the happy man. It is the idle man who is the miserable man”– Benjamin Franklin

Hands up who’s ever had a day at work where things are slow/quiet and the day just drags on painfully slow? I bet everyone has experienced this at least once in their professional lives. One of the best ways to keep the mundane and monotony at bay is to be PROACTIVE. No Manager or Supervisor has ever or could ever fault an employee for seeking out extra work or making an effort to keep themselves busy. (constructively – updating your Facebook status with a meme about how many hours you have left at work or talking to your co-workers about The Bachelor doesn’t count … unfortunately)In fact, you’re more likely to stand out as someone driven and pragmatic over someone who just does exactly what they’re told and makes no effort to further themselves.

How can you do this in your current role?
– Ask your coworkers if they need help.
– Clean your work areas/stations (breaking down boxes, sweeping, organizing paperwork etc.)
– Ask your team leader or supervisor to show you other tasks you’re interested in NOT in your current job description
– Ask your supervisor if other areas or departments need an extra hand.The happier you are at work, the more productive you’re going to be and this can affect your overall mood.If you’d like some tips or advice about how you can do this in your current position please feel free to give the office a call for a chat or even approach your supervisor/team leader.
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