4 Simple Tips to Sleep Better at Night

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Considering how much time we invest in sleeping, it is actually one of the biggest elements in our overall health and wellbeing. A good night’s sleep can leave us feeling ready to tackle the world and be the best version of ourselves. A bad sleep, however, can transform us into slow-footed zombies struggling to make it through the daylight.

In this blog, Australian Staffing Agency explore 4 simple tips to obtain a better night’s sleep.

Frequent Exercise

Everyone knows that when we’re tired, we need to sleep. Obviously. But this is actually because our bodies are becoming drained from the day’s activities and are in need of rest to recover and restore energy levels. Frequent exercise is an excellent way to manipulate this system, especially if it’s a morning run or gym session before work, as your body will have time to ease back into a relaxed state and be in greater need of rest come bedtime. Exercise is also pretty good for other important things, too, like – well, every other aspect of your health.

Consistent Bedtime Programs

We are creatures of habit, and if you train your body to prepare for sleep at a consistent time every day, you will more likely be able to nod off when needed. Do this by taking a soothing shower, reading a book, or listening to music – anything you find adequately rests your body and mind. If you can, avoid staring at your phone, computer screen, or television too much before sleep, as the light can play havoc with your melatonin production (the chemical that helps create sleeping patterns).

Change Your Diet

Likely the hardest of the tips, changing your diet can play a big part in improving your sleep. The food and drink we consume on a regular basis contain elements that negatively affect sleep, such as caffeine and sugar, especially if ingested later in the day. Even alcohol, which is something many of us crave after a long day, requires the body to be awake and stimulated to process the toxins through your system.

Cut Back on the Nana Naps

Who doesn’t love a good nap? Your sleep schedule, that’s who! While it may feel good to kick up your feet and zone out on the couch with the television playing softly in the background, frequent napping can actually cause something known as ‘sleep inertia’. This is when your body becomes confused over when it needs to rest, and can leave you feeling sleepier than before you went to sleep.

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